risk factors associated with giving birth to a low birth weight baby (weighing less than 2500 grams)

Low birth weight (LBW) is defined as an infant born with a weight of less than 2500 grams or 5.51 pounds at delivery (1). Low birth weight infants are more likely to experience serious health complications, including delays in physical and mental development, respiratory problems, infections, and even death (2). Although the causes of LBW are not yet fully understood, there are several risk factors that have been linked to delivering a baby with low birth weight.

risk factors associated with giving birth to a low birth weight baby (weighing less than 2500 grams)

Women who suffer from malnutrition or inadequate nutrition during pregnancy may be at increased risk for delivering a low-birthweight baby due to the lack of essential nutrients needed for fetal growth and development. For example, Iron deficiency anemia can lead to decreased oxygen flow in the blood which can cause LBW (3). Folate deficiency is another important nutritional factor associated with LBW because it plays an important role in DNA synthesis and cell division within the placenta (4). Malnutrition also affects nutrient supply from mother to fetus making it difficult for the fetus to obtain enough calories for proper growth and development (5).

Maternal smoking is also a well-known risk factor associated with giving birth to babies with low birth weights. Studies have found that women who smoke during pregnancy are twice as likely to give birth prematurely resulting in LBW babies compared those who do not smoke (6). Smoking has been linked with early labor by causing inflammation in uterine cervix leading premature rupture of membranes and thus preterm delivery resulting into LBW infants(7) . Additionally , maternal exposure to second hand smoke was showed significantly increase chances of having small size newborns(8) .

Women who suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension during pregnancy may be more likely deliver babies underweight due complications caused by medical conditions. Diabetes increases glucose levels which accumulation in placental cells leads impediment on transport process necessary for fetal growth.(9) Hypertension interferes nutrient distribution further aggravates problem causing reduced intake proteins , vitamins and minerals needed for adequate fetal nourishment.(10 ) Both diseases can lead severe damage both mother’s organs like kidneys , liver etc., hampering balance between nutrition supply blood circulation thereby increasing chances having deliveries weigh less normal.(11 ) Also both disorders interfere hormonal production interfering brain developments however care should taken so prescription drugs could reduce risks without compromising fetal health.(12 )

The use of drugs such as cocaine or marijuana by pregnant women has been shown increase likelihood having newborns weighs too little normal thus risking health their children later life.(13 ) Substance abuse interferes hormonal production hindering proper distribution nutrients affecting fetus’s size therefore contributing negative effects endangering overall health baby even after delivery .(14) Research demonstrated that alcohol consumption high doses considered might affect infant’s physical appearance inducing dysmorphic facial features along different malformations inside uterus potentially leading situations involving congenital disabilities hence increasing probabilities giving births smaller sizes accordingly .(15 ) Furthermore complication owing substance addiction could rise if mother hasn’t got enough control over her habits being able damaging her unborn baby dramatically consequences appearing after parturition would become more severe delaying age appropriate developments significantly putting child life danger shortly thereafter .(16 )

Lastly infections contracted by pregnant women such rubella cytomegalovirus implies infectious agents transmission directly inside womb provoking hazardous results onto developing embryo threatening future outcomes postpartum period either mild moderate severities depending particular immune system response level each case respectively17 ). These viruses attack placenta causing septicemia , electrolyte imbalances this way jeopardizing entire vital functions through entire gestation creating situations where termination cannot avoided outcome leaving option deciding upon induce labor before term completing its full span often allowing safe emergence nevertheless lower body mass index since infection interfered properly organogenesis processes while peaking throughout uterine environment18 ).

In conclusion low birth weight is a serious medical condition associated multiple risk factors ranging nutritional deficiencies related poor dietary habits until genetic predispositions connected inherited pathologies19 ). It worth noting though although incidence rate fluctuates considerably among countries worldwide according World Health Organization report issued 2017 revealed 6 % new born population affected globally20 ). Therefore special attention must paid regarding possible dangers derived these issues taking preventive measures time reducing chances occur considering all aspects already discussed order guarantee safety wellbeing every new arrival regardless cultural backgrounds geographical locations socio economic status etc21 ).

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