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Zero Plagiarism Guarantee for is a renowned online academic writing platform that assists students and other professionals in meeting their academic needs while ensuring they don’t compromise on quality or deadlines. At, we foster a culture of excellence and integrity when it comes to providing our customers with original work free from plagiarism or any form of duplication. We provide an iron-clad zero-plagiarism guarantee that ensures all assignments delivered are 100% unique and original pieces written by highly qualified experts on the subject matter.

To ensure this guarantee is upheld, we take several precautionary steps before submitting any assignment to our customers:

First, each document submitted to us undergoes three rounds of quality checks by trained editors who have years of experience in the field. After the assignment has been completed, it is passed through powerful anti-plagiarism software such as Copyscape which scans millions of websites and databases looking for matching texts within seconds. Any piece found to contain copied elements will be flagged immediately and further action taken accordingly including revising the entire paper until no traces of plagiarism can be found;

Second, all writers employed at Smart Science Papers must pass strict testings before they are allowed to write orders for our clients; these tests establish credentials such as educational background , language proficiency , samples of previously written works etc . This process helps us determine if someone is suitable for hire and prevents future issues related to plagiarized content;

Finally, every order goes through a thorough review process prior being sent out by one of senior level editors who re-reads everything carefully from start till finish making sure there are no errors nor signs left behind from potential copying since even small clues such as continuous usage same words may put your work at risk;

At Smart Science Papers we understand how important protecting your intellectual property is – not just for yourself but also those who use our services . That’s why we strive hard into ensuring full satisfaction with results provided so you can rely on us knowing that assignments delivered are going be fully accurate whenever you place an order! Plagiarism isn’t something take lightly here – it’s threat which needs addressed accordingly whether through preventative measures or disciplinary actions taken against employees responsible should any breaches occur ; rest assured though that this will never happen thanks advanced systems set up throughout company operations like ones mentioned above guaranteeing zero chances possible getting anything besides completely original content every time!

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