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Money Back Guarantee at

When it comes to making a purchase, one of the most important things on a customer’s mind is whether they will be able to get their money back if something goes wrong or they are not satisfied with the product or service they have received. Purchasing an academic paper from can be a risky endeavor as you cannot be sure what kind of quality you will receive when you pay for it. To make your experience as safe and secure as possible, we offer our customers a money back guarantee policy so that in case of dissatisfaction with our services, you can contact us for getting your money back.

At, we understand that students require high-quality work in order to conduct their research and submit successful papers to universities and colleges which is why we take immense pride in providing our clients with only the best quality content written by professional writers who have years of experience and appropriate qualifications behind them. However, we do understand that sometimes even excellent services may not meet all expectations due to unforeseen circumstances such as miscommunication between the writer and client or any other unexpected issue causing dissatisfaction on behalf of either party involved in the process of producing academic work. This is why we provide our customers with a comprehensive money back guarantee policy so that even if something goes wrong during the writing process, they still remain financially secure without having lost their hard-earned money on bad services rendered by us here at .

Our Money Back Guarantee applies only when:

1) The deadline has passed but no paper was delivered;
2) The paper does not comply with your initial instructions;
3) You have paid twice or more for one single order;
4) Your requested amendments were not made satisfactorily within 14 days after receiving feedback from your assigned writer; 5) There was plagiarism detected (with proper evidence provided).

In cases like these listed above mentioned above where there has been some discrepancy between what was expected from us at Smart Science Papers and what has been delivered due to any unforeseen factor, then customers are eligible for requesting financial compensation based on our Money Back Guarantee Policy guidelines according to which refunds are given under certain conditions:

1) If refund requests occur before assigning an expert writer – 100% refund minus payment processing fees (if already deducted); 2) If requests made after assigning an expert writer – 50 % refund minus payment processing fees (if already deducted); 3) Refunds are available only if there is proof provided indicating plagiarism in the final version submitted by experts – full amount minus processing fees (if applicable). 4) In case partial refunds are required because there was some lack of correspondence between initial instructions given by client and end product delivered by writer – up to 70% depending upon severity/extent of divergence from specified instructions plus payment processing fees applicable per condition 3 above stated). 5 Equitable restitutions shall also arise due t technical glitches leading cancellation/termination/closure/suspension*of particular orders where no fault lies at customer’s end *(as determined through internal investigations conducted by independent auditing team authorized under company regulations ) wherein entire amount originally deducted shall be returned without deductions excepting mandatory taxes imposed under prevailing legislation wherever applicable*. 6 All refunds shall exclude derivative expenses incurred while performing activities related directly/indirectly towards completion&submission*such assignments e g costs pertaining courier charges applied specifically owing pursuit delivery relating resultant documents produced via specific orders including but not limited associated travelling expenses consumption supplies etc*. 7 Upon availing said offers forfeitures concerning advance payments previously undertaken regard studies assignment initiatives proposed through concerned venture comprising expenditures towards resources allocated execution concerning said plans fulfilled prior initiation occurrence event leading claim consideration being insufficient grounds merit recompense decision shall stand issued basis understanding herein elucidated subject mutually agreed terms conditions specified relevant agreement signed partied thereto possibility obtaining reversal withdrawal similar outcome arising future endeavors stands null void ab initio hereafter *. 8 Further details regarding eligibility criteria along recourse measures incorporating actions mandated taken conclusively question resolution satisfaction level clients seeking assistance matter may vary discretion management representatives responsible engaging discussion aspect policies provisions remain ultimate authority apply arbitrary rulings grievances addressed amicably . 9 Kindly note application pertaining exact procedures &guidelines mentioned processes vests entirety administrative personnel employed firm lawfully reserves right reject claim based grounds deemed sufficient satisfy issue conflict resolution settle dispute peacefully honorable manner beneficial both sides parties involved proceedings respective litigation “. 10 Lastly corporate integrity remains cornerstone organizational structure hence ensuring safety well being patrons paramount importance organization committed safeguarding interests stakeholders adhering ethical codes conducts principles established stipulated constitution laid forth competent governing body enforcing laws regulations time force jurisdiction concerned”.

We aim to provide excellent customer service here at Smart Science Papers while delivering great quality papers written according to all required specifications set out initially by individual clients ordering content online using our website platform; however should anything go wrong resulting into dissatisfaction felt either side actionable steps must taken resolve matter equitably fairness benefit each parties entitled share disputes accordingly laid down rules laws binding legal framework guiding administration thereof regulatory mechanisms operations set place ensure rights protected justice served impartially every participant transaction taking effectual account situations entailed thereby “.

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