Discuss the selected characteristics of living cells.

Living cells are the foundation of life. They are made up of complex biochemical structures and processes that enable them to react, respond, reproduce, metabolize and grow. All living cells share a set of common characteristics which make them distinct from non-living matter. These characteristics include having genetic information or DNA, being able to carry out metabolic functions such as producing energy through respiration and photosynthesis, exhibiting cellular organization including membrane-bound organelles with specialized functions and being able to replicate themselves by dividing into two daughter cells (known as mitosis).

Discuss the selected characteristics of living cells.

One fundamental characteristic of living cells is the presence of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which contains genetic information necessary for its survival. This information encodes proteins needed for cell growth and development. The double helix structure of DNA is composed of four nucleotides – adenine (A), thymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C). Each strand contains one complementary sequence so that when two strands bond together they form a ladder shape in which A always pairs with T and G always pairs with C. In this way, cell replication occurs since each new daughter cell inherits an exact copy of the parent’s original genetic material containing the same instructions for its functioning. Additionally, DNA can be transcribed into messenger RNA that codes protein molecules necessary for cellular activities like enzyme production or gene regulation within a given organism’s genome..

Metabolic processes also play important roles in living organisms as they provide energy sources essential for sustaining life processes such as respiration which involves breaking down sugars found in food items along with oxygen intake to synthesize ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate – often referred to as ‘the body’s fuel’ – critical for many bodily activities like muscle contraction or nerve impulse transmission. Photosynthesis on the other hand uses light energy from sunlight converting it into chemical energy stored in carbohydrates like glucose used later by both plants and animals during respiration; thus providing nourishment throughout ecosystems where both autotrophs/producer species capable of creating their own sustenance from environmental sources exist alongside heterotrophs/consumer species unable to do so but relying instead on products created by others who rely upon them too creating interdependent chains all established around these basic principles inherent within all living beings alike.

Cellular organization further separates living entities at large from inert ones through recognizable components like membrane-bound organelles imbedded within their cytoplasmic space each carrying out specific tasks aiding overall functioning while encompassing all vital assemblies known collectively as eukaryotic cells; distinguishing themselves apart from prokaryotes typically lacking any real defined internal structure beyond simple membranes filled with cytoplasm itself nonetheless still complex enough allowing self-replication through mitosis whereby individual chromosomes divide longitudinally generating two identical offspring comprising half its original nucleus after undergoing another process called cytokinesis dividing any remaining cytoplasm evenly between both newly produced daughter entities now ready again independently move forward fulfilling whatever purpose their particular kind may require whether plant animal bacteria protozoa virus etceteras…

Finally towards concluding this discussion about those shared characteristics present within all kinds life forms we reach what probably seems most obvious sensorial reaction: mobility! Yes genetics metabolism replicated organs structure…all involve some degree movement yet none quite so noticeable tangible uncomplicated easily comprehended than just observing something moving about: insects walking running jumping birds flying swimming cats chasing mice people running cycling playing sports cars speeding buses slowing down planets rotating stars exploding comets crashing galaxies merging …each traversing through space time existing physical dimensions either fast slow grandiosely epic almost imperceptibly delicate precariously wondrously beautiful endlessly captivating constantly moving forward forever inspiring amidst our universe…

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