Determine the number of moles of sodium contained in 3.148 x 1022 formula units of sodium sulfate.

In order to determine the number of moles of sodium contained in 3.148 x 1022 formula units of sodium sulfate, it is necessary to first understand its molecular composition and how this relates to individual moles. Sodium sulfate is composed of one molecule of sodium (Na) and one molecule of sulfur (S), along with two molecules each of oxygen (O). It is represented by the formula Na2SO4. This means that for every 1 mole or 6.023 x 1023 particles, there are 2 moles or 12.046 x 1023 atoms​of sodium present in a sample of sodium sulfate.

Determine the number of moles of sodium contained in 3.148 x 1022 formula units of sodium sulfate.

Using Avogadro’s number as a reference point, we can calculate that 3.148 x 1022 formula units represent 0.5091 moles or 6021718126230476000 particles​of sodium present in the sample material. In other words, if you multiply 3.148 x 1022 by 6021718126230476000/6·023·10^23, then you will obtain 0.5091 moles as your answer for the number of moles contained in 3.148×1022 formula units​of sodium sulfate..

The easiest way to arrive at this answer is through dimensional analysis using unit conversion factors such as: 1 mole = 6·023·10^23 particles; 1 particle = 1 atom; etc., so that your final product matches the desired unit “mole” which has already been given in the problem statement above (“Determine the number of moles…”). This process then involves taking whatever data has been given and manipulating it through operations involving multiplication and division until your final result accurately reflects what was asked for in terms ​of both quantity and unit type (i,.e., “mole”).

By understanding how Avogadro’s Number can be used as a reference point when determining how many molecules are present within a certain amount of substance, it becomes possible to determine exactly how many moles are contained within any given sample material – like sodium sulfate – regardless if these samples represent solid particulates or gaseous elements such as hydrogen or oxygen gas molecules contained within air samples taken from various locations on Earth’s surface.. With an accurate determination being made regarding which element carries more weight than others due to their atomic mass numbers assigned by scientists working with Atomic Theory, calculations become easier still since all elements do not carry equal weights when calculating out results involving them collectively coming together as components found within different chemical compounds found throughout nature – all waiting for someone skilled enough who understands enough about Chemistry & Physics principles behind Molecular & Atomic Structures needed figure out just exactly how much matter exists per-volume measurements taken from different substances existing out here upon our planet today!

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