A sample initially contains 15.0 mg of Manganese-56. After 10.4 hours the sample contains 0.938 mg of Manganese-56. What is the half-life?

Half-life is the amount of time it takes for a substance to decrease or decay by half. It is an important measure of radioactive substances and a key concept in nuclear chemistry. The calculation of a sample’s half-life involves the initial quantity, the final quantity, and the amount of time passed between them.

In this example, we are given an initial sample containing 15.0 mg of Manganese-56 and 10.4 hours later find 0.938 mg remaining in the sample. To calculate its half-life, we need to use the equation:

A sample initially contains 15.0 mg of Manganese-56. After 10.4 hours the sample contains 0.938 mg of Manganese-56. What is the half-life?

Half life = (time) x ln (initial / final) / ln2
Where time=10.4 hours Initial=15mg Final=0.938mg
We can plug those values into our equation: Half life = 10 . 4 hrs x ln (15/0 . 938) / ln 2
Simplifying further gives us: Half life = 70 hrs or 2 . 92 days
Thus, Manganese-56 has a half-life of approximately 70 hours or 2.92 days when initially starting with 15mg at zero time, meaning that after every 70 hour interval only 50% will remain in the sample as it decays away into other elements over time due to radioactive emissions induced by high energy levels within its nucleus..

In understanding how these calculations work and why they are important, it helps to consider what happens during radioactive decay itself—in particular alpha decay and beta decay which account for most forms of radioactivity seen on Earth today such as uranium 238 decaying one step at a time until eventually reaching lead 206 stable isotope form with all others along its path being unstable isotopes with different mass numbers from their original form.. This process occurs until no more alpha particles or beta particles can be emitted from nuclei before stability is reached whereupon there is no more radiation released from said element’s atom because all excited state electrons have decomposed outwards away into space around them leaving behind an inert nucleus which won’t emit any new radiation since nothing further can happen inside that element anymore until some external force acts upon it again such as another nearby particle colliding against its surface area generating enough energy once again reactivate otherwise latent bonds within those atoms releasing additional photons outwardly towards nearby targets like oxygen molecules thereby rendering said element now active once again with renewed potential for further nuclear reactions before ultimately settling back down under normal conditions without any real consequence beyond having briefly disturbed local molecular equilibrium here on Earth near where this event occurred previously over tens thousands years ago..

Radioactive decay is useful not only for determining elements’ half lives but also for radiometric dating –a method used to determine age based on measuring amounts remaining within certain materials indicating how much time has passed since last being exposed intense heat resulting from natural geologic activities like volcanic eruptions which may have melted underlying mineral deposits millions years previously while trapping gaseous compounds including carbon dioxide either deep underground pockets permanently sealed off where temperatures remain sufficiently hot year round allowing trapped compounds buried beneath earth’s crust continue decomposing slowly over geological timelines ranging anywhere few thousand up several million years depending upon size complexity each layer found therein spread across entire planet making possible estimate age rocks fossils necessary reconstructing history human species better understand development human society across millennia through studying remains past civilizations left behind throughout various layers sedimentary rock strata existing world wide today giving insights valuable information lost generations long forgotten tales both tragedy joy alike always interesting uncovering pieces together jigsaw puzzle forming bigger picture allows connect dots better appreciate beauty complexity complex network events working harmoniously day even though cannot visually easily detect everything happening simultaneously everywhere around us constantly influencing shaping future moment present

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